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Apple's Breakthrough into Contactless Payments

For years now, Near Field Communication (NFC) technology has been sweeping the national and global economy.…
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7 Easy Enrollment Marketing Strategies for Schools

Every year schools work diligently to create successful enrollment campaigns. Sometimes, however, it can be difficult…
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What is Fintech?

If you're new to the financial industry chances are that you've probably heard of a word…
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Business Leaders Endorse TuitionEP's Breakthrough into the Educational Industry

Tuition Education Platform (TuitionEP) announces new partnerships with industry leaders David Dunkel, Josh Heuchan, and Dr. Ryan Lowe. This new…
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Sep. 08, 2021

Save Time and Money by Switching to App Tuition Payments

The pandemic is quickly turning our society into a cashless one. It's a hassle for schools…
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Aug. 30, 2021

How School Technology Can Help With the Return to In-Person Learning

This past year has shown schools and parents across the country how instrumental the right technology…
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