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How School Technology Can Help With the Return to In-Person Learning

This past year has shown schools and parents across the country how instrumental the right technology can be. Whether institutions…

This past year has shown schools and parents across the country how instrumental the right technology can be. Whether institutions are shifting to hybrid education or returning back to in-person classrooms, it's clear technology is taking on a new role. Investing in the right school technology can help in the transition back into in-person learning.

School Safety Policies

Although remote learning was essential last year, many are excited for the return of in-person learning. For good reason too; studies indicate that in-person learning has benefits for students. Not only does it meet the social and emotional needs of students but it also helps prevent learning loss better than remote learning.

In fact, that's just part of the reason for the push for the return of in-person classrooms.

In order to ensure the safety of their students, schools are implementing new preventive strategies such as masks and maintaining physical distance protocols on busses and in the classroom. Additionally, schools across the country are hiring additional school personnel such as nurses and custodial staff to keep students and staff safe.

In preparation for the upcoming school year, many schools are investing in technology to help with the transition.

The Power and Influence of the Right School Technology

Typically when teachers consider the effects of technology in schools, the fear is that the cons outweigh the pros. However, this past year forced a more pragmatic use school technology. Now industry leaders such as Microsoft and Zoom are stepping up their game to keep up with the sudden need for digital education.

Learning Benefits

Technology offers a lot of benefits for students but one of the noted advantages is that it increases student engagement. The use of technology shifts education from learning facts to students learning skills and applying their knowledge. This motivates students to participate more within the class and accelerates their learning.

Not to mention, the greater the use of school technology the less need for physical contact. Just because schools are back to in-person learning doesn't mean that technology is moved to the back burner. The increased use of tablets within the classroom means no more passing homework or tests up the classroom and to the hands of the teacher. Now all students have to do is submit it digitally. No physical contact, no germs, and no losing homework.

Digital Tools and Resources

Schools can use technology as a digital resource to support teaching and learning. With the right tools, teachers get access to digital grade books, portfolios, learning games, and student tracking to power their teaching. As well as it offers students access to a wider range of texts and materials than the physical resources provided by schools.

Furthermore, technology is becoming a new model of personalized education that allows teachers to connect to their students and provide resources that can help them apply class materials.

In fact, a recent data report revealed that "Almost 8/10 educators agree technology helps them do their job better".

Saves Time and Money

School technology doesn't just stop in the classroom. Parents and staff members want a direct means of communication without the hassle and anxiety of face-to-face interactions. More and more schools are investing in administrative technology that allows them to better manage their finances and communication with families.

Most parents are now accustomed to fast and easy mobile payments like Paypal or Venmo. So companies began developing a digital tuition management system for schools to utilize. While the idea of the portal was to make payments easy, the process is often too complicated or poorly defined. In addition, it sometimes still requires manual processes for recurring payments.

Investing in a new management system allows schools to take away all that time and money from financial bookkeeping and organization and devote it in other areas of need. Not to mention, parents are more inclined to stay in a school that provides an easier payment system.

Invest in the Right Technology for your School

TutitionEP is a user-friendly app that offers a simple payment solution for parents, communities, and schools. The online platform allows organizations to easily collect and manage payments conveniently and securely through the app. Everything administrators need for payment management and member profiles are readily available, saving you time and money. 

You can eliminate many of the headaches your team faces by investing in the right technology in schools. To learn more about how TutitionEP can save your school time and money, schedule a 15-minute Q&A with an expert!

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