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Who TuitionEP Serves

A Software Built with Endless Potential

TuitionEP is the one-size-fits-all solution for independent schools and colleges, apartment maintenance organizations, sports clubs, gymnasiums, nonprofits, and other membership corporations. Any organization looking to collect payments in a secure and flexible way can benefit from the platform. With 24/7 support, our top-rated app and dashboard will meet and exceed the needs of your office staff and faithful clientele.
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The Payment Solution for All Learning Institutions

TuitionEP’s main purpose is to give parents a convenient way to pay their student’s tuition and fees. Administrators quickly realize the time saved and efficiency gained when running reports, adding scholarships, pulling up past due fees, and so much more.
Form Builder
Auto Pay
TuitionEP's enrollment management module makes it possible for your school to go paperless by streamlining agreements, enhancing application procedures, connecting payments and fees, and more. This module is one of the most cost-effective school registration solutions available, featuring a custom form builder, inline payments, data-driven processes, and pre-built templates.
TuitionEP's form builder module can assist you with quickly generating a form for a waiver or gathering registration data and money. Customers, clients, family, subscribers, and attendees can all benefit from how easy and effective everything works. Our form builder is designed for power users, but flexible enough for individuals who just want to get the job done.
Families have the option to select an auto-payment option. In some cases, this can lead to additional fees and overages on family credit card balances, so TuitionEP recommends using this feature sparingly, and if so, make sure you have documentation in place to avoid frustration from your families.
Send alerts directly to parents or students so that they never forget to make a payment again. You can choose between sending one or more recipients automated reminders or personalized emails, and you can even save templates to reuse going forward.

Easily Collect Payments for your Business

Whether you run a small business providing home services or are an agency providing consulting, TuitionEP has your back with easy-to-build forms and invoicing for your customers and clients. Set up in a few hours and start collecting payments for your business. Also, we've added one of the most requested features we hear from small businesses: the ability to pass fees onto customers. This helps your margins and growth potential.
Auto Pay
Form Builder
When was the last time you were asked to submit an invoice? Businesses and organizations can use TuitionEP's invoicing module to rapidly add fees to an invoice and send it to whoever has requested one. They can make a payment on the spot, and it will be properly credited to their account. Invoicing capabilities can be added to your website with a single line of embed code.
Your customers no longer have any excuse for forgetting to make a payment. Notifications are automatically sent to remind them, or you can send personalized emails to multiple people at once. TuitionEP is designed to be user-friendly and time-saving.
Give your customers the choice to set up automatic payments for their project. TuitionEP suggests using this function cautiously because it can result in additional costs and overages on their card or credit line balances; if you do use it, make sure you have documentation in place to prevent frustration from your customers.
The form builder module in TuitionEP is useful to collect any information you might need and collect a payment. Our form generator caters to advanced users while also being adaptable enough for casual form fillers.

Amplify Fundraising Capabilities for your Nonprofit

Churches, community centers, and nonprofits collaborate with TuitionEP for fundraising, messaging, and more. No matter the budget, TuitionEP has been a financially beneficial savings tool for nonprofits to organize their finances. Not only does TuitionEP save money, but using the app saves your nonprofit time as well.
Donations and Fundraising
Form Builder
Kiosk Mode
Securely collect donations, track your campaigns, and meet the fundraising targets set for your nonprofit. The donations module of TuitionEP offers an easy-to-implement alternative for not-for-profit institutions that want to free themselves from the ties that bind them to fee-based third-party websites and portals.
If you set it up that way, all your clients can receive automatic payment reminders so that they never get hit with late fees again. You can automate emails for one or several people, to save yourself some time when sending out notifications.
All nonprofits need to collect information at some point, and TuitionEP's form builder module helps you do just that. While our form generator is geared toward more experienced users, it is still flexible enough to accommodate less experienced users, with intuitive drag-and-drop functionality. All data is stored securely for future use.
Are there any live events or gatherings planned? Kiosk mode allows for a computer or tablet device to be set up so that your constituents can make payments. If they have made payments in the past, they will have the ability to view past payments or use payment profiles that have been stored. TuitionEP can be set up in a lobby or convention center for ease of use and convenience in collecting and engaging.

Helping Membership Organizations Engage Efficiently

Initially, TuitionEP was built for schools; however, businesses quickly saw the advantage of using a branded app for their payments, fees, and dues. Membership organizations and corporations can now engage at events through the mobile app, send out messages, and do so much more with TuitionEP.
Kiosk Mode
Branded App
Donations and Fundraising
Do you have in-person events or meetings? No problem. Kiosk mode allows for a computer or tablet device to be set up for members to make payments in person. They can also see past payments or use stored payment profiles.
Look professional through a branded app for your organization. There's nothing better than being polished and on point with all of your accounts receivable and making it easy for your members to make payments.
Now you can save time and quickly communicate with your members. The notification center reminds your members of payments as well as any memos or mass messaging that needs to be sent out. The process of reminding one person or sending tailored emails to several members is easy and archiveable.
Securely collect donations, track your campaigns, and meet fundraising goals. TuitionEP's donations module provides a simple way for organizations to break free from fee-based third-party websites and portals. If your organization so chooses, all campaigns can pass the fees on to the donor.
A number of parents have contacted us already in the process and let us know they are ecstatic for the opportunities that TuitionEP provides for them… The convenience has been delightful.
Keith Paddock
School Administrator // Engleside Christian School

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