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Change the Way You Do Payment Collection

TuitionEP provides flexible payment processing and management so organizations can focus on what they do best. Whether you’re a school, association, or non-profit, don’t let secure payment collection hold you back.
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The All-in-One Payment Management Solution for Schools and Organizations

From a customizable enrollment pipeline to secure billing and payment management, TuitionEP meets all of your organization’s payment management needs — and more. Our top-rated mobile app is free for users to download, and our integrated admin dashboard streamlines your organization’s processes. Payment collection is simpler than ever before.
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TuitionEP Admin Dashboard
TuitionEP Mobile App

Explore TuitionEP’s Fully Integrated Admin Dashboard

Our fully customizable integrated dashboard helps admins keep track of payments, communicate directly with parents, and add and tailor fees as needed. Get easy access to student profiles, financial aid information, yearly and on-demand reports, and more. Our 24/7 help system and knowledge base library are available to answer all your TuitionEP questions.

Dashboard Key Features:

Manage Enrollment and Admissions
Securely Collect Payments and Fees
Create and Manage Donations Campaigns
Access User Profiles

Say Goodbye to Late Fees

Our mobile app makes it easy for users to stay on top of upcoming payments. Add funds, view fees for individual students linked to your profile, and securely link your credit card or bank account. A simple, user-friendly experience for all.

App Key Features:

Multi-user payment options
Financial summary reports
Secure payment processing
Payment notifications

Explore Everything TuitionEP Has to Offer Schools & Organizations

Explore Everything TuitionEP Has to Offer Schools & Organizations

Financial Management

Make payment collection simpler and secure.
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Payments & Fees

From multi-user payment options to on-demand reporting.
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Track campaigns and reach your fundraising goals.
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Notification Center

Communicate directly with users of the mobile app.
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Complement your existing systems with integrations.
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Reporting Dashboard

See all your data in one place with yearly and on-demand reports.
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Customize your admissions process and hit enrollment goals.
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Admin Management

Real-time dashboard reports, integrations, and more.
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Form Builder

A powerful form builder with flexible functions for any business.
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Mobile App

The flexibility of making payments from anywhere, at any time.
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Explore TuitionEP’s Enrollment Solutions

The TuitionEP enrollment management module streamlines the admissions process so that team members can concentrate on what matters most: cultivating relationships with applicants. Additionally, it effortlessly connects with the full range of reporting, contribution, and district management systems offered by TuitionEP.
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Reach Fundraising Goals with TuitionEP’s Donations Module

TuitionEP’s donations feature provides a straightforward solution for organizations looking to get away from third-party websites and portals that charge monthly fees. Collect donations, communicate with your donors, keep track of all your campaigns, and offer a simple, secure, and flexible donation collection solution to all those who are ready to support your organization’s goals.
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TuitionEP Across Industries

Simple, secure, flexible, and with 24/7 support, our top-rated solution will meet and exceed the needs of your office staff and faithful clientele.
Schools and Universities
Service Industry
Membership Corporations

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A number of parents have contacted us already in the process and let us know they are ecstatic for the opportunities that TuitionEP provides for them… The convenience has been delightful.
Keith Paddock
School Administrator // Engleside Christian School

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