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Stay in Touch with TuitionEP’s Notification Center

No more excuses! Now you can send notifications directly to parents or students so that they never miss a payment again. Send automated reminders or custom emails to one or more recipients. With TuitionEP, you can keep things simple and efficient.
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Notification Center Features

Learn how you can get the most out of TuitionEP with the notification center.

Notification Templates

Save your frequent emails as templates to save time when sending out notifications.


Use the forms feature to drop any form created inside your email notification.


Attach image or PDF files to any notification to send out more information to recipients.

Draft Notifications

Set your notification to draft and come back later to finish it off.

Notification Center FAQs

Yes. As you work with your users, you can quickly attach a link to a form to any notification for instant feedback or input.

No. Currently they are only one way forms of communication. That will be changing in the future as TuitionEP does want to make client and customer relationships even stronger.

Yes. As with all areas of TuitionEP, once an administrator starts typing the notification they are searching for, dynamic filtering occurs and shows only relevant notifications.

Yes. By simply clicking on any past sent notification a full list of all recipients is shown.

Yes. Within reason, we do have scalability options for users that expect to send a large amount of notifications. As long as there is a use case for it, the TuitionEP support team can enable this feature upon request. For most cases, schools send many notifications in a week and TuitionEP has never had to approach anyone for custom scaling.

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Join organizations just like yours and take your team to the next level. We’re proud and stand by our 4.9-star-rated app, making us the best in market for payment processing management.
I absolutely love the opportunity to order for the month and pay through TuitionEP. It is a huge timesaver and much easier to manage…Thanks so much for streamlining the process and clarifying the timeline.
Engleside Christian School Parent

Demo Notification Center with TuitionEP

TuitionEP is available to respond to your inquiries whether you’re a teacher, administrator, company owner, nonprofit executive, parent, or student.
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