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Admin Management

Administrators’ New Home for Organizational Management

Administrators’ New Home for Organizational Management

TuitionEP is the one-stop shop for administrators looking to efficiently run their organization. With TuitionEP, operations and financial management are no longer a burden but an exciting endeavor for the growth of your business.
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Benefits for Administrators

Power and Usability

By empowering the leadership team of organizations, customers can enjoy the smooth and efficient process of making payments.


Whether you use Quickbooks or Sycamore, TuitionEP integrations add seamlessness to your operations and management of your business.


Send out messages to a group, an individual, a prospect, or even automated messages through TuitionEP’s notification center.

Custom Branding

TuitionEP offers an easily customizable experience, with the ability to add your organization’s logo to the home screen of the app.

Knowledge Base

Feeling lost? TuitionEP’s knowledge base has hours of content to help administrators navigate the platform. Our A+ rated support team is also available if additional training is needed.

Admin Management Features

Administering your organization with modern technology that focuses on efficiency and power users is no longer a dream. TuitionEP solves every administrator’s concerns.

District View

District View allows an unlimited number of sub-organizations, offering power and flexibility for these businesses to have different percentages and business categories.

Kiosk Convenience

Setting up a kiosk in your organization to collect payments or fees is a breeze. Users can set up payments via ACH or Credit Card and process them securely from your physical space.

Mobile Admins

Dashboards are viewable on mobile devices for leaders on the go. No need to have a laptop or desktop; run your organization from anywhere.

Touchless Hub

TuitionEP offers a touchless hub option for organizations, allowing their customers to either tap or scan to make payments or download TuitionEP. Learn more about all of our integrations.
A number of parents have contacted us already in the process and let us know they are ecstatic for the opportunities that TuitionEP provides for them… The convenience has been delightful.
Keith Paddock
School Administrator // Engleside Christian School

Demo Admin Management with TuitionEP

TuitionEP is available to respond to your inquiries whether you’re a teacher, administrator, company owner, nonprofit executive, parent, or student.
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