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Payments Made Simple

Why Choose TuitionEP?

With so many options out there, it can be overwhelming for organizations to choose which platform will work best for them. Here are some reasons TuitionEP should be on your radar.


Our interface was created with the user in mind. Everyday actions are simplified for those paying or receiving payments.


Payment security is of the utmost importance for our team. TuitionEP uses top payment processors to guarantee secure payments. Both Stripe and PayPal are certified a PCI Service Providers (Level 1).


Right from the start, our onboarding process is quick and easy for organizations to get started using the app. Once you're in, creating fees, donation campaigns, or setting up your enrollment pipeline is intuitive and efficient.


Users can pay from anywhere and decide which payment method works best for them. We also have countless integrations for admins to easily connect to other apps that they love.


We’re proud to be the first 5-star rated payment management app for both iOS and Android. Organizations across the world are choosing to manage their payments and fees using TuitionEP.

    It all started in 2015…

    In 2015, our founder, Dr. Ryan Lowe, was visiting a school to see how they were doing. While he was there, Dr. Lowe noticed many annoyed and frantic parents coming into the office. They all had one thing in common. All these parents were handing the receptionist envelopes and checks to pay their monthly tuition payments.

    The gears begin turning

    A man in his early forties walked in with a briefcase, set it on the desk, and said, “Leaving this here, see you next month!” The receptionist quickly moved the briefcase behind her desk. Dr. Lowe later found out that it was filled with $20 bills. The process seemed inefficient for everyone. The gears in Dr. Lowe’s brain started turning, as he brainstormed a solution for both parents and administrators. After almost an hour of watching parents stream in and out, the idea for TuitionEP was born. In 2018, the first version of TuitionEP was rolled out, and in 2021, the app was taken to a global audience.

    Simplifying the payment process

    Parents with kids in private or independent schools understand that fees, payments, tuition, etc. will need to be paid on a consistent basis. There are many moving parts, with applications, contracts, financial aid, grant negotiations, and the actual payments and fees. There are many ways in which schools handle payments and fees, and it's common for people in the same office have different ideas about how the process works. The lack of technology platforms and systems to streamline their work affects a school's ability to organize the hundreds or sometimes thousands of payments that come in every year.
    TuitionEP was built to solve the most common pain points for schools. We worked closely with schools to determine what needed to be accomplished with the app, so we could create a streamlined, flexible payment processing solution for schools and organizations.

    Going global

    Although TuitionEP was initially built for schools, the technology is beneficial for almost any organization that needs to collect payments. This ranges anywhere from nonprofits to membership corporations to those in the service industry. Because the platform is modular, it can be customized to the needs of any business that needs to streamline their payment collection and stay on top of reports and fundraising. As we continue to expand and offer our services in more countries, we're looking to add even more features that make TuitionEP the best option out there for schools and organizations.

Data-Driven Reports

Need a good-looking forecast for the planning committee meeting? With one click, report data can be downloaded. The admin dashboard provides both fiscal and calendar revenue reports live.
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Fast and Efficient Onboarding Process

Our onboarding process takes out all the guesswork. In just a few calls, you can be set up and start processing payments. If you want a more customized process, we can accommodate you. TuitionEP takes a white glove approach and is focused on your success right from the start, all the way until your students graduate and start to give back via donations.

Customer Success Team

Our team is used to working with schools and providing excellent customer service. We want to ensure that you reach your financial goals.

Knowledge Base

By providing a collection of tutorial videos, documents, and additional resources, schools can rest easy knowing that the answers are available.

Frequent Updates

Since launch, we’ve had so many incredible updates that add value, features, and capabilities that are requested by either schools or parents.

Join the Movement

Join organizations just like yours and take your team to the next level. We’re proud and stand by our 4.9-star-rated app, making us the best in market for payment processing management.
I really appreciate no longer having to accept and keep track of multiple payments each month in the office... We have had many great reviews from parents who appreciate the ease of making their monthly payments in just moments.
Rachel Huggins
Director of Administrative and Family Services // Renton Prep Christian School

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