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Financial Management

Learn About Financial Management with TuitionEP

TuitionEP provides a better way for organizations to monitor their financial health. By allowing customized annual and fiscal year dates, organizations can zero in on exactly what they want to track. This helps leadership teams, boards, and the administration office forecast, budget, and plan for upcoming years based on one-click reporting.
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Financial Management Features

With TuitionEP’s live feed of payments, donations, and invoicing, all financial data is at your fingertips.

Payments & Fees

TuitionEP is packed with power for collecting and managing your payments and fees. Import fees, download reports, create payments, and filter by fee categories, payment statuses, or date ranges. You also have the ability to embed a payment form and make a public link page. TuitionEP empowers organizations through seamless financial management and transparency.
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Make fundraising a breeze! TuitionEP’s donations module allows organizations to run multiple public or private campaigns simultaneously. You also have the flexibility to run individual campaigns for a specific group, class, or team. Set up donation goals, frequencies, and easily share the campaign on a live web page with a one-line embed code.
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If your organization requires a bit more customization, TuitionEP boasts a healthy and growing list of integration partners. Keep your transactions secure by setting up Stripe, Plaid, or Paypal, or make your financial expenses hassle-free by linking your QuickBooks account. We’re constantly looking for ways to make our platform play well with others.
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Explore TuitionEP’s Financial Management Solutions

A company’s entire financial management includes planning, organizing, controlling, and evaluating all financial activities from a strategic point of view. Good financial management allows a company’s CFO (Chief Financial Officer) to make smart choices and plan ahead. Healthy financial management aids an organization in running smoothly, increasing income, and cutting costs. TuitionEP helps organizations view all incoming sources so they can optimize their financial management process.

Why is financial management important?

Making good financial choices is imperative for companies and organizations of all sizes. These choices could turn a struggling company into a profitable one with very little effort. The tools used can make this an easy process or a nightmare.

Why is it important to manage payments and fees?

Financial management is the basis for good use of funds and strategic planning, which are necessary to keep fiscal supervision in place. Managing finances adds value to a business and strengthens relationships with customers. The three main parts of financial management are handling cash flow, managing risks, and managing credit.

Financial Management FAQs

Cash Management, Managing Risks, and Profit Allocation.

Cash is needed for many things, such as paying debts, wages, and utility bills, buying raw materials, keeping stock on hand, and so much more. Without having powerful tools like TEP in place, how can leaders in companies decide how much cash to keep on hand for these needs?

The financial manager or CFO evaluates risks an organization faces. This can include market risks, liquidity risks, credit risks, and operating risks. Then, with the live and effortless TEP data, they can quickly create plans for what could go wrong, as well as strategies for circumventing said risks.

On the TEP dashboard a graph lists revenue, due, and total revenue. This can be exported with one click and full analysis can be done in a matter of moments. An organization can determine profit and allocate to owners for reinvestment opportunities. Although costs are not a focus, TEP allows for quick calculations with ease.

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Simply incredible. We need to discuss moving over our entire school to TuitionEP since credit cards are now processed both locally and internationally.
Edwin Rosario
Head of School // Saint John's School

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