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Saint John's School

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San Juan, Puerto Rico
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Processing Credit Cards was Coming to an End

Saint John's had just 30 days left on their credit card processing, as their platform no longer supported credit card processing in Puerto Rico. The school's leadership team was also concerned with aligning parent contracts on the new platform. An added wrinkle was that they had some parents who were overseas in Europe.

30 days

TuitionEP had 30 days to help Saint John's School.

< 7 days

All was fixed in less than 7 days (Including onboarding)


A Speedy, Efficient Onboarding Process

TuitionEP supports over 200 countries and is continually adding more with processors that comply with international standards. Saint John's was a great fit for TuitionEP and enjoyed the reporting and speed with which parents were able to make payments without friction.

All parents' contracts were honored based on TuitionEP's flexible processing and percentage structure. Customization is key, and TuitionEP made this school's parents aware of all that they were paying for and aligned with their current contracts. Because the school had some parents overseas, they were making payments in foreign currencies. TuitionEP was able to handle those payments without missing a beat.

"Simply incredible. We need to discuss moving over our entire school to TuitionEP since credit cards are now processed both locally and internationally."

Edwin Rosario
Head of School // Saint John's School

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