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Payments and Fees

Seamless Payments and Fees with TuitionEP

TuitionEP is packed with power for collecting and managing all your payments and fees in one place. Easily import fees, download reports, create payments, filter by fee categories or date ranges, and set up a public link page to embed your payment form. TuitionEP empowers financial management through payments and fees by providing full transparency and power for your organization.
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Adding Fees in TuitionEP

Whether you’re looking to create a one-time fee or set up a recurring monthly fee, customize your preferences in TuitionEP.

Fee Details

For every fee you create in TuitionEP, you will add a fee title, due date, and fee amount. You can also set it up as a one-time or recurring fee and customize it with categories.


If you select this checkbox, a push notification will be sent to all users assigned to the fee once the fee is submitted. It will notify that a new fee has been added. Learn more about notifications.

Public Facing Fee

Any fee can be made public. This attaches a public URL to the fee so that anyone can pay through a specific page on your website.

Fee Categories

Pre-built categories help you organize your fees so that you can easily align to the general ledger accounts in your accounting software. Choose any category from childcare or tuition to field trips and sports. Learn more on TuitionEP’s integrations.

Fee Stream

The Fee Stream allows administrators to see all fees ever created. Import bulk fees, update or add users to existing fees, and more. Fee stream is the engine to what drives all of your payments and fees throughout TuitionEP. Below are some of the capabilities of the fee stream.


Create your own custom groups or select from a list of pre-populated ones. This allows you to group students to make it easier to assign fees or notifications.

Import Fees

Schools can now import fees in bulk to save themselves the time of adding each one at a time. Before and after care fees can also be imported in just seconds.

Filtering Fees

Filtering fees can save your team hundreds of hours. You can filter by fee title, due date, and fee category type.

Join the Movement

Join organizations just like yours and take your team to the next level. We’re proud and stand by our 4.9-star-rated app, making us the best in market for payment processing management.
Simply incredible. We need to discuss moving over our entire school to TuitionEP since credit cards are now processed both locally and internationally.
Edwin Rosario
Head of School // Saint John's School

Demo Payments and Fees with TuitionEP

TuitionEP  is available to respond to your inquiries whether you’re a teacher, administrator, company owner, nonprofit executive, parent, or student.
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