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Engleside Christian School

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Parents Requesting a More Efficient Payment Solution

Engleside Christian School (ECS) was searching for an efficient solution to send payments, upon the request of parents, in the form of a mobile app. They were attempting to solve the payment issues internally by vetting other platforms, but price and budget kept blocking them from making progress. Also, their parents were on the go. Stopping by the school office or sitting down at night in front of their computers at work or home was getting more and more inconvenient.


A Cost-Effective and Efficient Onboarding Process

Not only did TuitionEP solve the issues that the parents were having in finding a mobile app that worked well on both iOS and Android devices, but Engleside Christian School was able to set up their school in less than a month. TuitionEP’s onboarding team helped Engleside’s leadership team set up their accounting and bookkeeping, saving them time and, in turn, money. They were able to avoid the inflated costs of other platforms in the market.

“I absolutely love the opportunity to order for the month and pay through TuitionEP. It is a huge timesaver and much easier to manage. Very appreciative of the new system. The only thing better would be to convince [my daughter] that she loves all foods and to have signed up for the year, but we know how some kids are selective. Thanks so much for streamlining the process and clarifying the timeline.”

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Engleside Christian School

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