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Simplify Your Enrollment Process

Explore TuitionEP’s Streamlined Enrollment Solutions

TuitionEP’s enrollment management module streamlines contracts, improves application processes, connects payments and fees, and empowers your school to finally go paperless. With a custom form builder, inline payments, data-driven steps, and pre-built templates, this module is one of the most potent and economical school enrollment solutions on the market.
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Enrollment Features

Custom Admissions Pipeline

Streamline your process by customizing your admissions pipeline to your school or organization’s needs.
Using TuitionEP’s enrollment forecast, goals, and reporting features, you can set classroom capacity, enrollment goals, and measure all your metrics in one dashboard.
Customize your financial aid steps and track the financial aid status of every applicant in your pipeline.

Driven by Artificial intelligence

Machine learning helps users fill out content with pre-populated data on applications and forms. The more users engage, the more intelligent your environment.

Enrollment Notifications

Email applicants through TuitionEP’s enrollment module to notify them of the status of their application, and track all sent correspondence.

On-the-Go Uploads

Now users can upload files and images from their mobile devices to any form on your website, from anywhere on the road.

Enrollment Benefits

Process Application Payments Faster

No more checks, cash, or third party portals. All application and registration fees are processed inline and are seamlessly entered into your dashboard and system.

Eliminate Data Entry

A family is dynamically added to your dashboard as forms are submitted, improving the efficiency of your entire organization.

Finally Go Paperless

Now you can declutter your admissions office with TuitionEP’s paperless enrollment. All family inquiries are securely stored in the cloud in both PDF and digital format.

Join the Movement

Join organizations just like yours and take your team to the next level. We’re proud and stand by our 4.9-star-rated app, making us the best in market for payment processing management.
Simply incredible. We need to discuss moving over our entire school to TuitionEP since credit cards are now processed both locally and internationally.
Edwin Rosario
Head of School // Saint John's School

Enrollment FAQs

While working through the initial enrollment or re-enrollment, families can choose from payment plans that your administration has predetermined. For example:

  • 11-month payment plan (Deposit can be counted as first payment)
  • Quarterly payment plan
  • Monthly payment plan
  • Annual payment plan

With templates for your organization, there is no need to run your payment options through legal. After setting your payment options, simply upload and go.

Through the enrollment process, any users can be categorized as “not a fit” at any time. This allows you to keep their record without having them in your active pipeline.

Yes. You can move a user from any point in the pipeline into a waitlist.


Demo Enrollment with TuitionEP

TuitionEP is available to respond to your inquiries whether you’re a teacher, administrator, company owner, nonprofit executive, parent, or student.
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