Simplify Your School's Enrollment Process

With TuitionEP's enrollment feature, school admins can create a better admissions process experience for all. See yearly data on new enrollment and student retention, customize your process pipeline, and communicate directly with parents about forms, fees, and financial aid, all in one place. 
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Enrollment Reports

With our reports feature, you can see as little or as much as you want, from snippets of live data on new applications to detailed full reports on current or past school years. Set your school's enrollment goals and you'll be able to track your progress.

Form Builder

Our form builder is built to make your life easier. Using templates customized to your school, you can easily send forms to parents through email notifications or pop them right onto your website for easy access. Track your submissions easily and keep your student forms all in one place.

Enrollment Profile

The enrollment profile provides a detailed look into a student's status in the admissions pipeline, as well as financial aid and payment information. Here you can contact parents or students directly and find out exactly what the student needs.

Custom Pipeline

Our unique admissions pipeline allows you to customize each step according to your school's process. From inquiry to application, you can organize and get a bird's eye view of where each student is at.

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