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Public Schools

Financial Management Flexibility for Your Public School

Whether you're a district-level or standalone publicly funded charter school, TuitionEP has features that can ease your everyday financial management tasks. Thanks to the app's flexibility, it can be adapted to the needs of your school. Need to send out a quick field trip signup form and collect a payment? TuitionEP has you covered.
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Features for Public Schools

Learn how your public school can get the most out of TuitionEP.


Prom, ticketing, team sports registration, field trips, and more – use TuitionEP to collect fees, quickly create forms, or send out notifications for any of your school's events.


Collect payments for lunch meals with tap-to-pay or create forms for students in your admin dashboard. TuitionEP's kiosk mode makes it easy for students to pay.


Our donations module can help your school's fundraising efforts with campaign tracking, notifications to donors, and flexibility for giving in kind.

Yearbook Sales

Parents or students can easily pay for their yearbooks using our mobile app, or even via invoice. Having local sponsors pay for ad space is easier than ever before.

Join the Movement

Join organizations just like yours and take your team to the next level. We’re proud and stand by our 4.9-star-rated app, making us the best in market for payment processing management.
I absolutely love the opportunity to order for the month and pay through TuitionEP. It is a huge timesaver and much easier to manage…Thanks so much for streamlining the process and clarifying the timeline.
Engleside Christian School Parent

Demo Features for Public Schools

TuitionEP is available to respond to your inquiries whether you’re a teacher, administrator, company owner, nonprofit executive, parent, or student.
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