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Renton Prep Christian School

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Renton, WA
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Providing Convenience and Bookkeeping Clarity

Renton Prep Christian School is a Microsoft Showcase School just outside of Seattle, Washington. In 2018, the leadership team was looking for a way to get their books in order and make it more convenient for parents to make payments on their mobile devices. The school’s bookkeeping was done in a traditional hard copy ledger, and this led to multiple issues dealing with quick reconciliation and parents requesting end-of-year statements. Parents would also often miss their payment deadlines, resulting in late fees and angry phone calls.

Before TuitionEP:

44+ days

average payments in arrears

After TuitionEP:

< 4 days

average payments in arrears


Empowering Parents with Rapid Reports in TuitionEP

With TuitionEP's mobile-first mentality, parents have full access to every payment they make to Renton Prep in their mobile app (available on iOS and Android devices). Along with payment reminders and the ability to download their own statements in-app, Renton Prep’s arrears went from over 44 days to less than 4 days in their first year using TuitionEP. Bookkeepers can now quickly run reports at any time, and our one-click reporting feature allows them to send parents a branded PDF statement right to their email. Not to mention, no more mountains of cash that prove to be such a big liability for schools.

“The TuitionEP application has been extremely helpful in managing the receipt of monthly tuition payments from parents and I really appreciate no longer having to accept and keep track of multiple payments each month in the office. The app itself is quite user-friendly and intuitive allowing parents to sign up and access their account easily, add additional payees, access current charges in multiple formats (cumulative or individually), enter payment information, and update their password. We have had many great reviews from parents who appreciate the ease of making their monthly payments in just moments.”

Rachel Huggins
Director of Administrative and Family Services
Renton Prep Christian School

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